Biothane Leashes

Biothane Leashes


We use 3/8” Biothane for our hand-constructed Biothane leashes, and 1/2" solid brass, swivel bolt snaps. Leashes without handles have a reminder button about 18” from the leash end.

Biothane is polyester webbing with a TPU/PVC coating, and it’s made in the USA! Just like leather, it relaxes a little with use and is durable. Unlike leather, it’s completely waterproof and easy to clean.

One of the goals of nose work/scent work is to allow your dog to feel independent and confident. Biothane is lightweight and facilitates this feeling for your dog.

Handle or no handle? Up to you. In scent sports, the leash is rarely taut - and handles can get caught on table and chair legs if you drop your leash. Your preference!

8 or 10 feet? Once again, up to you. You want the dog to have space to work micro-currents, and you don’t want to have a bunch of extra leash to contend with. Exteriors - maybe you need a longer leash; interiors not so much. Why not buy two - they’re priced so you can. :)

Learn more about Biothane.

If you would like a leash longer than 8 or 10 feet long, or a larger/alternate snap, please email for details. We will happily make a leash that’s just right for you!


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