Why Instructors at Eastern Shore Dog are Certified … or Working on it

Instructor, Anna, conducting nose work training

Instructor, Anna, conducting nose work training

Certification is part of almost any profession and maintaining certification is part of any professional’s growth.

To achieve certification, a dog trainer is generally required to instruct a minimum number of hours (for example, 300 hours for CPDT-KA), pass a test, get recommendations, submit videos for review and be a member in good standing of an organization. To maintain certification, we are required to continue our education, keep membership current and be active as members of our training community.

That’s the formal part of certification as a dog trainer. What we like about it is we are surrounded (either in person or on-line) by thinking, like-minded individuals who care about dogs and their people. By continuing our educations, we keep learning and are sometimes put in uncomfortable situations, just like you when you come to a class. This makes us more compassionate as instructors.

We are certified (or seeking certification by accruing credit) with the National Association of Canine Scent Work and the Council for Certification of Professional Dog Trainers. Check out these organizations for more about how we are connected to other wonderful instructors!

Elizabeth Watson