Group Classes

The Dogs on the Farm program has welcomed dogs and their people to group classes at the Barrier Islands Center since 2010. We’ve provided an overview for each of our Eastern Shore Dog Classes below.

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Companion Obedience


Basic Obedience

Learn the fundamentals of companion obedience and how to communicate with your best friend. Your dog will learn mouth manners (take it, leave it, get it, drop it), control behaviors (sit, down, stay) and safety behaviors (wait, recall). We’ll also work on polite leash walking and more, and add games and tricks to keep your dog engaged and learning. No pre-requisite – this is where your dog’s education starts!


Spend time with your new family member and our certified evaluator while you learn courtesy and safety behaviors together. Any puppy (bred for purpose or mixed breed) can be eligible to pass the test to achieve this AKC distinction for Socialization, Training, Activity and Responsibility. Cutest class on the Shore!

Intermediate Obedience

Team up with your dog to fine-tune basic behaviors and learn new ones. Leash work includes heel, polite turns, and speed changes. Sit and down stays with distance, duration and distractions will challenge your dog’s focus – and impulse control. You and your dog will work as a team. This class moves quickly and requires work at home. Prerequisite: Basic Obedience, STAR Puppy or permission of instructor. 

Advanced Obedience and AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

You and your dog will learn the skills necessary to pass the AKC CGC test, and on the last week will be tested for this distinction. Learn about "the friendly stranger," more impulse control, stand, handling, leash work and more. Pre-requisite: Basic Obedience and Intermediate Obedience, or permission of instructor. 

Reliable Recall

Does your dog come when you call, every time you call? If not, then this workshop is for you. A great way to brush up on basic skills that build a reliable recall and learn games that support this life-saving behavior. Learn how to properly use a long-line to hone this skill. Your dog will also gain experience at recall in the most distracting environment of all – surrounded by other dogs! Basic Obedience required, or permission of the instructor.

Leash Walking

You’d walk your dog more if it was fun, right? A dog that constantly pulls can be hard on you, and hard on the dog. We can help with that! Teamwork flourishes as you and your dog spend time with a leash connecting you. Learn methods to get and keep your dog at your side as you walk. Develop your ability to engage your dog in this relationship building activity – and make it comfortable for both of you!

K9 Nose Work®/Scent Sports


Intro to K9 Nose Work®

Join us to get started on your dog's nose work career! This introductory class conditions the search, challenges (and tires) your dog, and will create focus and confidence. Dogs are crated between runs and have the search to themselves - so any dog will be comfortable in this class. Perfect foundation class for any scent sport, including AKC Scent Work. No pre-requisite - nose work is a "no obedience zone." Your dog will thank you for it!

Primary Searches: Travel Class

Get real world search practice in this moving classroom! This class is your bridge to odor searches. Your instructor will discuss logistics in your Intro to Nose Work class

K9 Nose Work® - Introduction to Odor

Step up the game for your nose work dog – time to start working target odors! This class is also great for dogs who need more foundation in odor. Prerequisite – Intro to K9 Nose WorkÒ or permission of instructor.

Odor: Travel Class

Meet other intermediate and advanced teams for this training fun. We travel the Shore, search and go. For dogs on odor.

Advanced Search Skills

We focus on advanced foundation skills to broaden your dog’s experience, skill and expectations during a search. Topics vary, contact us for more information. For dogs on odor.

Just for Fun/Relationship Building


BIC Dog Camp for Kids

Learn all about your best friend! This special class is for kids 9-13 and their dogs. We will work on calming behavior, obedience and handling, and nose games. Kids will be in charge of the dogs and must be accompanied by a quiet adult. No pre-requisites.

Brain Games

Build your relationship with your dog. Watch your dog problem-solve as he becomes calm and focused. We use games – your dog won’t even know he’s learning! Real-life skills will make your dog happy – and mentally tired. No pre-requisite.

Senior Dog, Happy Dog

Training and fun shouldn’t stop as your dog ages – your dog still deserves learning, adventure and socialization. We have specially chosen activities that any adult dog can do – regardless of physical limitations and social skills. Your dog will be happier than ever before, and you will appreciate your old puppy in all new ways!