Small Slider Tin with Rare Earth Magnet

Small Slider Tin with Rare Earth Magnet

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2 X 1 X 3/8 push pull tin, with a rare-earth disc magnet, 0.5 in. Diameter x 0.0625 in. Thick

“Where are the holes?” Funny story. At Pennsylvania NW camp one year, we were down in the little barn with Ron Gaunt, one of the founders of NACSW. He was placing a hide above head height, no holes. Someone asked, “Where are the holes?” Ron told us we don’t need the holes – there’s plenty of odor escaping from the tin! In his “Ron Way” he chuckled at putting holes in the tins, and anyone who would underestimate their dog that way. We haven’t put a hole in a tin, since – and have dogs succeeding at all levels of competition.

 Why we choose this product: The right size; easy to load, unload and reload; perfect for pairing! Caution: Remember, the magnet always goes inside the tin, for safety reasons.

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