We believe in and apply the tenets of the Humane Hierarchy

The Humane Hierarchy describes a decision-making process when applying training methodologies and problem-solving to any situation with a dog. The Humane Hierarchy starts with positive reinforcement methods - adding a high value reward to increase the likelihood of an alternative behavior to discourage an unwanted behavior. For example - we use food or toy reinforcers when a dog sits, rather than jumping up on us. This positive reinforcement increases the likelihood that the dog will sit, rather than jump up.

For more information, see: The Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers' position paper on the Humane Hierarchy.


We believe dogs have innate problem-solving abilities, and encourage their use.

Most mammals, and especially dogs, problem-solve to find food, water, shelter and mates. We use this ability in training, and work to allow dogs the freedom to problem-solve for themselves, when possible. Learning lasts longer, and dogs are mentally challenged and tired when they are permitted to work things out for themselves.