5 slider tins with magnets

5 slider tins with magnets


Tins are 2 X 1 X 3/8 sliders, each containing one rare earth magnet (0.5 in. diameter, .0625 in. thick). This is a set of 5 slider tins, with one magnet in each.

“Where are the holes?” We hear this question often. In 2012, BA was in a session at nose work camp with Ron Gaunt (yes, that Ron Gaunt). He laughed at us for asking this very same question and told us the dog “doesn’t need holes - the slider tin is already full of holes.” He told us we were underestimating our dogs by putting holes in slider tins. He was right! We’ve set hundreds — make that thousands — of hides with slider tins without holes, and the dogs do just fine.

Put holes in your slider tins if you want - but your dog doesn’t need them!

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